Reference Projects

Segmentation of Reactor Internals OKG unit 2 and unit 1

Swe Resurs provides the main supplier GE Hitachi with key resources, including shift engineers, tooling operators and reactor service technicians. Swe Resurs also participated in project planning and training at tooling vendor facility in Columbia South Carolina. For more information about OKG 1 and 2 segmentation tooling, see below:

Forsmark 1-3 and Ringhals 1 outages 

Provided customer Vattenfall with Asea Atom’s designed Fine Motion Control Rod Drive technicians and refueling floor technicians for reactor outage services since XXXX.

Olkiluoto 1-2 (TVO)

Provided Control Rod Drive technicians to main supplier GE Power, and mechanical personnel supporting the maintenance of main circulation pumps (RIPs) for Westinghouse. 

Susquehanna Nuclear powerplant 1-2 & Nine Mile

Provided GE Hitachi with qualified Control Rod Drive technicians for outage services at General Electric BWR designed power plants in the USA.

Special projects

Developed concept and design for safe handling and lifting of nuclear fuel racks at OKG unit 2, including manufacturing and qualification per Swedish regulations and CE marking.