Services & Products

Swe Resurs AB with partners has delivered highly skilled resources within reactor services and decommissioning projects for the Nordic customers since 1996. With our main experiences and expertise within the Asea Atom BWR technology and design, we can provide our customers with qualified resources and tailored solutions for specific needs. Our resources are qualified by the industry’s own standards with training conducted by the nuclear sites, main reactor designers such as Westinghouse and General Electric together with accredited institutes like KSU for specific services and KIKA for crane operations.

With our broad network of Nordic suppliers, we can also support our international customers with purchasing and local manufacturing, reducing their efforts of sourcing as we also provides a competitive pricing and shorter lead times.

In addition to Asea Atom design BWRs, Swe Resurs AB also offers qualified Control Rod Drive technicians for General Electric designed BWR and generic outage service resources for PWR services. For more information about GE training, see below.